FALL 2011

At first, 
when I was in the USA for just a few months
the thought of seasons bothered me.
It didn't feel right that at any given time, 
I couldn't wear a swimsuit and run to the beach.

Yes, that was at first. 
And now seven years have past 
changing everything as usual.
I love to make different plans for each season. 
I look forward to Thanksgiving.
I like how the sound of those who walk 
on the leaves laying on the sidewalk resonates by my window.
I have become a fan of butternut squash, 
gravy, pumpkin flan and I prefer anemones versus peonies.

Dont get me wrong. 
The beach will always be my first choice.
But there is something transitional to the seasons 
which allows you a new life.
A chance of creating experiences and craving hot toddies.
Something I didn't have before and 
now it can also be mine.

The jubilation of the fall. 

(photo by Andy Goldsworthy)  

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